26 Treasures

From 1st December 2011 - 29 January 2012 we are bringing Scotland's historical treasures to life at the National Museum of Scotland, telling stories from Scotland's geological roots to its technological future. Treasure indeed. 


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The Alternative 26: Saturday 21st January 13.30

Don't miss this unique opportunity to work with poets, writers and novelists from the 26 Treasures project. We're looking for 26 people to pair up with our 26 Treasures and write their...

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26 Treasures as an inspiration by Vivien Jones

Now the 26 Treasures exhibition is over at National Museums of Scotland, we're delighted to hear ways in which the experience of taking part in the project has inspired different...

Treisur by Westlothiana Lizziae as written down by Aimee Chalmers

Westlothiana lizziae (340 million year old fossil, possibly of first known lizard)  is shocked to find she’s an exhibit in a museum. Only when she realises her importance to...